Power Take Offs

Binotto are distributors of OMFB Power Take Off units (Pto’s) which offer hydraulic solutions for every major UK vehicle manufacturer and are suitable for a wide range of hydraulic applications.

Produced using the latest designs, materials and technologies, Binotto / OMFB Power Take Offs optimise performance and reliability.

Available in various configurations; pneumatic, electric, mechanical, our extensive range will complement any new or existing hydraulic application.
Low torque Power Take Off units with operating capabilities of 250Nm to high pressure and flow applications which require a significant torque are available up to 1000Nm.

Our substantial range of Power Take Off units are also available with related items such as Quill Shafts, Pto sensors, Pto Mounting Kits and Pto Adapters allowing the utmost flexibility for every customer.


  • A complete range of Binotto / OMFB Power Take Offs
  • Manufactured using the latest designs, materials, technologies
  • Optimise performance and reliability
  • Extensive range of components to suit every application
  • Allowing the utmost flexibility