Pneumatic & Cable Controls

Binotto Pneumatic and Cable Controls are designed to operate a wide range of hydraulic applications.

Elegant and innovative in their design, these controls are manufactured to be lightweight, compact and constructed from materials of high quality. They are simple to operate, durable, offering proven reliability in all types of operating conditions.

The B Force range of proportional pneumatic cab switches are available is various configurations, with fully integrated levers for tipper body raising and lowering, either with or without Pto engagement. Pto controls either with or without handbrake interlock feature, offer a built in signal LED light. For ease of installation these switches have multiple mounting options, external brackets, dashboard flange plates and accessories offering flexibility in their operation.

Cable Controls to mechanically operate Pto units are available in lengths from 1000mm to 9000mm. Carefully chosen materials and fiction proof coatings are selected in their construction, allowing minimal force to be applied to the lever for smooth operation. Mechanically and Air Operated engaged End of Stroke Valves, in varying configurations, are designed to stop the raising of cylinders at their planned position. All available from our substantial stock along with related items offering the utmost choice for every customer.





  • A complete range of Pneumatic and Cable Controls
  • Elegant and innovative in their design
  • Simple and safe in operation
  • Proven reliability and durability
  • Offered with multiple mounting options