Binotto in the UK - About us

  • Wide Product Range

    We have an exceptionally wide product range, suited to almost every vehicle type and its intended application.

  • Long-standing Expertise

    Binotto draws upon a long-standing expertise in machining and engineering, with a continuing commitment to high levels of investment into human skills and shopfloor technology.

  • In-House Manufacturing

    The Binotto philosophy is that its manufacturing is done in-house. This way, quality control is maximised and improvements in manufacturing techniques can be quickly implemented.

  • Over 50 Years Experience

    With over 50 years at the tipping industry's front line, Binotto really knows its markets. Whether in terms of product design, performance or service back-up, Binotto continues to innovate.

The ultimate combination of lightness power and durability...

Binotto - at the forefront of the tipping industry

Today Binotto is synonymous with hydraulic kits for tipping bodies

Binotto - The Tipping Power

High performance and long lasting products as standard

Binotto - Choose, Compose, Lift