Binotto Hydraulic Cylinders are available in a variety of configurations from our extensive catalogue, the TFC combined cylinder and oil tank system, the MFC trunnion mounted system, the MF lower trunnion and top eye mounted system and our comprehensive range of Underfloor Cylinders.

Our range of Hydraulic Cylinders are manufactured exclusively using seamless steel tubes with high yield points and tensile strength. Binotto's solid design still remains an unsurpassed solution, with 'Stop Ring' or 'Stop Contact Faces' directly obtained from the solid tube without any welds. The 'Roller Burnishing' process adapted by Binotto is applied to each seamless cylinder stage, increasing the superficial hardness and the materials density. Our specially selected high performance seal and wiper system is designed to operate on these particularly hardened surfaces, allowing clearances between cylinder stages never more than 0.07mm. With these advanced manufacturing processes and the use of materials of high quality, the Binotto Hydraulic Cylinders can also run in high pressure conditions, allowing Binotto to offer unique combination of benefits to road haulage operators, to new and existing vehicles, that are reliable, easy to maintain and increase performance and productivity.


  • Extensive catalogue of hydraulic cylinders
  • Manufactured exclusively using seamless steel tubes
  • 'Roller Burnishing' process as standard
  • High performance seal and wiper system
  • High working pressure systems
  • A unique combination of benefits to road haulage operators