Underfloor Cylinders

Binotto Underfloor Tipping Cylinders are the obvious choice for commercial vehicle operators for the movement of bulk materials, offering versatile solutions for all rigid tipper chassis vehicles from 3.5 ton to 32 ton gvw.

Offering three distinctly different Underfloor Tipping Systems, the range includes models for conventional rear tippers, crane tippers and 3-way tippers.

Designed and manufactured to be rugged, compact, light in weight and simple to operate, adding operating versatility, with installations for bodybuilders also being easy and uncomplicated.

The extensive range of Binotto Underfloor Tipping Cylinders are all trunnion mounted, with either B DWR ball / socket type or A DWR top eye versions for connection to the tipper body.

Ideal for all underfloor tipping applications, they can be operated either by Electric Hydraulic Powerpacks or Pto and Pumps to suit the specific requirements of their operator.


  • Models to suit 3.5 ton to 32 ton gvw
  • Ideal for crane tipper applications
  • Extensive range of 3-way tipping gears
  • High strength, compact and lightweight
  • Proven reliability and durability
  • Easy and safe in operation