Weighing Systems

The 1155 On Board Weighing System is specifically designed for bulk tipper rigid, bulk tipper trailer and drawbar vehicles. Manufactured to the highest standards, this durable Weighing System is designed for the operator to achieve high accuracy of  + / - 1% FSB or better in any environment.

Available for a variety of bulk transport applications from 17 to 32 tonnes GVW, offering the operator proven reliability, durability for new and existing vehicles and trailers.

Offering the lastest technologies in weighing and vehicle monitoring this On Board Weighing System has a body up audible and on screen alarm that indicates to the operator if the tipper body is in the raised position. The tipper stability system uses inclinometer based technology for unsafe tipping conditions, this allows the monitoring of any uneven distributed loads or uneven ground positioning of the vehicle, which is activated when the load is over 40% off centre, sounding an audible and on screen alarm.

Installation of the 1155 Weighing System is easy, straight forward and bespoke fitment is also offered at our Binotto workshops.


  • Capacity of 17 to 32 tonnes GVW
  • Body up audible alarm alerts
  • Tipper stability system technology
  • High accuracy
  • Simple to operate
  • Installation at our Loughborough workshops