Stanghella Production Facility

Binotto started producing underfloor and frontend cylinders for the commercial vehicle market in 1950, in its first manufacturing plant near Vicenza. In those early years Binotto quickly became a leading supplier to the Italian bodybuilders, because of there adaptability, flexibility to meet this new and developing market place.

In 1960 Mariz based in Padova started to produce telescopic cylinder allowing Binotto to meet the requirements for light commercial vehicles. Successfully satisfying the Italian market, both Binotto and Mariz started to introduce there telescopic cylinders to the English, Dutch and German bodybuilders. This important move would establish a solid base for export development in the following years.

At the beginning  of the 1970's Mariz started to develop and produce telescopic cylinders dedicated for 3.5 ton gvw vehicle's. The introduction of this product range allowed Mariz to become the leading supplier of light commercial vehicle telescopic cylinders to the Italian bodybuilder. With the introduction of large and important  international exhibitions in the late 1970's, Mariz successfully established itself as a leading exporter with major European bodybuilders.

The birth of a solid and important group was to be formed in 1994, when Binotto and Mariz joined together under the control of the Marfin holding company. This group would now be the only European company to be able to design and produce such a vast quantity and variety of telescopic cylinders capable of covering the widest range, varying from 2 to 100 tons. Each company maintained and developed its own specialisation, increasing there product range further, whilst still keeping there manufacturing processes under direct control, using only high yield steel with no welds.

A new 10.000 square meter factory opened in 1995 in Dueville, with large investments made in automatisation. With the introduction of robots, numeric control tool machines and automatic welding units, both plants at Dueville and Padvoa increased production dramatically over the following years. 
Business activity was completely reorganisation in 1996, with the priority to develop and increase the export market, with the focus to create a worldwide distribution network.

Binotto UK was the first  company to be formed outside of Italy in 1999, with the appointment of there new Managing Director Pete Vann. The priority was the development of Binotto and Mariz products specifically for the UK commercial vehicle market place, formulating the best solutions, developing a distribution network, all of which was achieved quickly in those early years. With a comprehensive range of underfloor and frontend telescopic cylinders from 3.5 ton to 44 tons, the introduction of an extensive range of hydraulic components and spare parts, Binotto UK has now satisfy the demanding bodybuilder and transport companies in the UK.

With the success of Binotto's UK based operation, another company was formed in Poland, to meet the fast development of this countries market. This was followed with companies in Spain, France, Morocco and Australia from 2002-2004. Particular attention was given to Middle Eastern markets, where Binotto raised its own reputation, especially in Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Emirates. In the meantime Binotto and Mariz maintained the supply of telescopic cylinders to all of the leading European bodybuilders and trailer manufactures, especially in Germany, Holland, Portugal, whilst still maintaining the lead position in the Italian market.

From 2004-2006, the Binotto Group consistently increased its business and both plants were completely renewed, now with a total surface is 20.000 square meters. The introduction of a new manufacturing plant in to 2007, in Stanghella (Rovigo), allowed the increase of production and the capability of penetrating new  and consolidating existing markets. New projects continued to develop with the introduction of Binotto Russia in 2009, Binotto Brazil in 2010.

With new and developing markets in South America and The Far East emerging, the building of a new manufacturing plant in Caxias do Sul in 2012 allowed Binotto Brazil to develop and promote the Binotto brand further in South America. In 2014 the fifth manufacturing plant was completed in Jiangsu Province, allowing Binotto China to satisfy there specific telescopic cylinder requirements.

Binotto still remains the first totally European manufacturer and producer of hydraulic telescopic cylinders. This is thanks to its successful strategy of customer oriented satisfaction, that is founded on the quality culture of the people, which allows us to offer high performance and long lasting products as standard.